A new model of the organisation of work

Get the best people work for you with a new way of organising work: they can work not far from their homes and at lower cost.

LocalHUBS - koncept
LocalHUBS - koncept

Work environment substantially changed

Over the last 18 months, ten times more people have tried working from home than in previous years. Most companies have quickened the pace of going digital and made it possible for their staff to work from a distance. Virtual teams have started to operate successfully, without any manifest drop in efficiency or performance. The concept of work/life balance is now viewed differently and has become clearly linked to combining office work and home office options, as an increasing number of companies get on board seeing the benefits of hybrid models of cooperation. While there still are enterprises seeking new staff to perform their work in a certain location only, as a matter of fact, global work can nowadays be easily done from anywhere. Those trends are certain to profoundly transform the labour market in the next two years, on a scale larger than what we have seen over the past decade.

Large companies stand to benefit most from the new model

We estimate that in the three years to come, the new model will sweep most large and progressive companies. It brings undeniable benefits for both employers and employees. The former can, on an unprecedented scale, make the most of gifted and skilled workers based in the regions. Salary and benefits they can offer are way above the standard in the region, which creates a competitive advantage and constitutes a pull factor for talented people. By comparing regional and HQ remuneration levels we can promptly conclude that the hybrid model has a potential to deliver considerable savings. Higher flexibility of the labour and reduced environmental impact undoubtedly represent worthwhile incentives in the context of keeping the environmental footprint to the minimum being a key concern for companies and their clients.

LocalHUBS - koncept
LocalHUBS - koncept

Have a tailored case study carried out

We have prepared a case study for a company with more than 2000 employees using the LocalHUBS model: 40% savings on office space, 5% savings on salary costs, CZK 75 million saved over the first five years of having the model in place. We can produce a case study tailored to your needs, too. We will determine the level of interest that your staff in one unit or department shows in the hybrid model of work. We will design a regional LocalHUBS structure for you. We will calculate your potential financial savings based on your current wages policy. We will provide a plan for the switch to the hybrid model and offer its implementation in full, including communication, training and putting in place digital tools to achieve greater efficiency.

calculate a tailor-made case study for your company

draw up
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quantify your
financial savings

design an implementation plan to suit your needs

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Better to be a trendsetter
than a trend follower – is it not?

Project team

Jiří Vacek

More than 20 years of experience in HR management in manufacturing and commercial companies in Czechia and other European countries

Ondřej Parez

Over 20 years of experience in construction, investment projects, development and facility management

Petr Ungerman

Two-decades-spanning career in marketing for international businesses, an expert in communication and projet management