The LocalHUBS project provides a wide range of opportunities

The LocalHUBS comes up with a logical win-win hybrid model of work, drawing on the requirements from both employers and employees. It distributes company jobs to smaller units in different locations and arranges for their mutual cooperation.

LocalHUBS - koncept

Keep your company’s main at a prestigious address and establish various hubs in the outskirts of big cities, in regional capitals or small towns and villages.

The hybrid model of work promoted by the LocalHUBS enables companies to offer their employees top-quality fully-equipped offices matching the company’s standards, but located near the place where they libe and feel at home. Not exactly a home office, but professional working space with ideal working conditions – without the hassle of long hours of commuting. 

The LocalHUBS offers its clients the development of the target model of the company structure, the strategy and the implementation of the transformation and the subsequent management of the company structure. The project includes a study assessing the possibilities of a particular client and calculating its implementation costs and overheads savings. The optimal transformation model for companies of 2.000+ employees is planned for 5 years and entails a distribution of 40 % of the jobs. Rather than some kind of a radical change in the functioning of the company, it is a well-thought-out process leading to a clear goal. As a result of the distribution made, the LocalHUBS delivers steady reduction of overall yearly operational costs: up to 40 % of office space rentals and 5 % of salary costs saved, depending on the locations. 

The undisputed benefits of the project lie, in particular, in attracting high-quality people. Companies quick enough to come to the labour market with this structure will be able to offer their potential employees the added value that may prove decisive in the future. A highly-skilled, hard-to-get specialist from Ostrava is hardly going to prefer another offer made to him on condition of moving to Prague. 

One may argue that for large companies, savings of a few millions in operational costs are no big deal. Well, how about a different perspective: these savings are bound to increase profits. And something like that is sure to appeal to any smart manager and stakeholder. 

Take another huge advantage: the diversification of the workforce. At the time when one variant of a virus is capable of putting an entire open-space unit out of operation within a week, and the pandemic wreaks havoc on businesses large and small, the LocalHUBS project helps to limit the risks to a bare minimum. It is a hard fact to face but the COVID 19 is not likely to be the only challenge for us to brace for … the mankind is going to be confronted with more similar threats in the future, and the LocalHUBS provides a solution that can help large companies get through difficult times. As nature shows us, a community that is diversified and able to adapt and transform itself quickly stands a better chance of thriving.  

LocalHUBS - koncept
LocalHUBS - koncept

The LocalHUBS intends to establish small units and teach them how to cooperate efficiently. 

Generally speaking, innovation is bound get its way in any company eventually, no matter what its current economic results are or how stable it may be. It seems inevitable to take on board the developments of the digital economy, to learn to communicate in this new environment, engage in social relations, introduce relevant on-line processes, manage teams and handle and store documents. 

The LocalHUBS project is to help the clients undergo this process of transformation. It provides a comprehensive solution for developing a flexible company. It comes up with answers you seek to cope with the challenges of restructuring, digitalisation, HR, development and management.